Understanding Hot Topics and Trends can be the key to your company’s success

Do you have VOE Immunity?

  • What do you need to provide when responding to employment verification?

  • What risk do you put your company in when completing a VOE?

  • Are you required by law to complete VOE?

  • Are you required to store completed VOE?

Smartphones at work

  • Do you provide smart phones to your team members?

  • What are your employees doing with company phones off the clock?

  • Can you be held accountable for what your employees do with company phones?

  • Does your Smartphone Policy have what it takes to defend your company?

FMLA, ADAA & Liability

  • What documentation can protect you from liability?

  • Do your managers know they can be held personally liable?

  • Are you required to accommodate employees?

  • Do you know what timelines you need to follow when responding to request?

  • Are you accommodating employees without even knowing it?

Lawsuit Proof

  • Are you prepared for the inevitable lawsuit?

  • Are you ready to respond to a Wage Claim?

  • Are your policies and job descriptions up to date with your employees’ duties?

  • Do you offer Risk & Liability Training?